To identify yourself to IT services or applications, you need a personal username and password.

Usernames are composed of the first letter of your forename and your surname.

Example: The person "Andrea Muster" has the username "amuster". 

Occasionally, you need to specify which organisation (domain) you belong to. Add the ZHdK domain either before the username with "zhdk\amuster" or after it with "".

Attention: is not an email address!
Please note that the spelling of the username may differ if you use the following services:

Public workstations, Wi-Fi:

ZHdK services (e.g. login intranet, e-learning, Office 365):

SWITCH Edu-ID (e.g. Adobe CC, SWITCHdrive):

Note: If several names lead to the same username (e.g. Annina Federspiel and Anton Federspiel), the last character of the username is replaced by a number ("afedersp" for Annina and "afeders1" for Anton).