Methodik: Creativity Process: A Sensory - Emotional Journey (gLV) 

Only fearless filmmakers and visual storytellers will be able to get to the core of a story, fictional or documentary. Fearless means, to know your position from where you tell a story, to sense your relationship to your characters or the people you interview or follow with your camera. Spatial relationship is the core of filmmaking and visual storytelling, the core of your very own creativity process.

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Nummer und TypBFI-BFI-MEp-02.23H.004 / Moduldurchführung
ModulMethodik BFI, 2 Credits 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungMarcelo Muniz, Chantal Haunreiter, Noa Michael Spindler
ZeitDi 12. September 2023 bis Fr 15. September 2023 / 10–16:45 Uhr
Anzahl Teilnehmende1 - 16
ECTS2 Credits
VoraussetzungenSeminar will be held in English.
ZielgruppenBachelor Film / Studierende ab 3. Semester (Wahl)
ZHdK / alle Studierende (geöffnete Lehrveranstaltung, gLV)
Lernziele / Kompetenzen
  • Explore the sensorial perception and its relations with environments and contexts in order to recognize inhibitions and possibilities that can affect the free flow of the creative process
  • Develop interactive skills that facilitate the opening of an empathic and collaborative process of co-work.
  • Identify expressive forms and dynamics linked to emotions that can guide and build the creative process, integrating and expanding cognitive and technical possibilities.
InhalteDay 1
  • Introduction to the perception system
  • The senses and our relationship with the environment, with the context
  • How reality affects us; Affection, emotion and feeling
  • Kinesthesia as an integrative sense: interception and exteroception
  • The phenomenology of space and spatial orientation
  • Perspective, Action and spatial Perception as affective language
Day 2
  • The presence of the other: actors, the camera, the boom, the person I interview
  • Social engagement: what makes me feel safe? What makes me feel unsafe?
  • How do you interact and intra-act while shooting?
Day 3
  • Imagination and imaginary
  • Forms of vitality
  • Movement, strength, time, space and direction
  • Impressiveness, expressiveness
  • Emotion in self-regulation and co-regulation
  • Subjectivity, Intra-subjective, inter-subjective
  • Empathy, dissociation
  • Creativity process: collective, individual
Day 4
  • Embodied practice in filmmaking or visual storytelling
  • Reflection on your creativity process
Bibliographie / LiteraturDavid Bohm (1998) On Creativity, New York: Routledge Verlag
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungPräsenz, aktive Teilnahme
Termine12.09. – 15.09.2023, jeweils ganztags
Dauer4 Tage
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden
BemerkungMarcelo Muniz is a somatic practitioner and educator. He taught for the last 18 years in Brazil and Europe. His focus is on unfolding the creativity process through spatial orientation. His classes are a well-structured mix of theory and self-practice.

Noa Michael Spindler is a filmmaker and producer. He works as a Director, DoP, Editor in documentaries, feature films, image films and advertising. He additionally got trained as a somatic experience practitioner and psychological counselor.

Chantal Haunreiter designs and manages programs for young filmmakers, fostering creativity is the main focus. She is a trained professional and coach in different methods for spatial relationship through embodiment techniques.

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