Unsettling History. Methods and Frameworks in Curatorial Research 

This module will introduce participants to different approaches to history and its representations, as well as historiographic methods and philosophies of history, which must inform the emerging field of curatorial research and the practice of staging, contextualizing, and revising history in exhibitions and museum frameworks. It will furthermore introduce students to principles of narrative framing and performance theory, and provide tools for the transformative work on conceptual categories and symbolic codes that come to bear on cultural artifacts, against the backdrop of the increasingly challenged and embattled field of representations of history and memory culture.

The module seeks to establish the tools needed for re-conceptualizing representations of history. External guests will be invited. Teaching language and literature in English
Nummer und Typmae-vcs-209.23F.001 / Moduldurchführung
VeranstalterDepartement Kulturanalysen und Vermittlung
LeitungAnselm Franke, Avery F. Gordon
ZeitMi 1. März 2023 bis Mi 29. März 2023 / 13–16:30 Uhr
OrtAtelier Art Education ZT 4.T39 Toni-Areal, Atelier Art Education ZT 4.T39, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zürich
ECTS3 Credits
LehrformThe module begins with an overview over the paradigms that have informed historiography in the modern era, and proceeds in subsequent sessions to work through the way they are challenged by “histories from below” and decolonial revision and re-narrations of modern history. Further sessions explore knowledge formations derived from histories of resistance, and address the various (anthropological, historical) assumptions that inform various disciplinary frameworks and discourses, and concludes by engaging with genealogies, systems of classification, boundary regimes and origin accounts and their re-writing as fundamental to transformative curatorial research and practice.

Exercises in the module include the writing of exhibition texts.

This module is closely linked with the module Projekt II
ZielgruppenStudierende des MAE, Vertiefung Curatorial Studies
Lernziele / KompetenzenLernziele / Kompetenzen
Ability to contextualize cultural production and artifacts within historical contexts

Lernziel/e Wissen
Knowledge of historiographic debates, and an understanding of matters of historical representation in political contexts.

Lernziel/e Methoden
Ability to chose, apply, and justify the use of historical sources and of narrative framings in the staging and representation of history in exhibition contexts.

Lernziel/e Haltung
Develop a critical and self-reflexive attitude towards research in the context of exhibitions, museums and their mediation as well as towards the position of the researching subject
Bibliographie / LiteraturThe reading required for the seminar will be uploaded at the beginning of FS 2022. The texts covered in the module as well as contextual materials beyond that will be provided. Furthermore, a bibliography will be handed out.
TermineFrühlingssemester 2023

Wednesday March 1
13.00 bis 16.30h
Thursday March 2
13.00 bis 16.30h
Wednesday March 15
13.00 bis 19.00h
Wednesday March 22
13.00 bis 16.30h
Thursday March 23
13.00 bis 16.30h
Wednesday March 29
13.00 bis 16.30h
Dauer7x4 L und Eigenstudium
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden
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