Contemporary Thougths and Practice in Acting - ENTDECKEN/ERWEITERN_(SC) 

Blockstruktur: 1
Nummer und TypBTH-BTH-L-0023.23F.012 / Moduldurchführung
ModulModulvorlage VSC/VTP/VRE/VDR_3 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungEva Patkó (EP)
Anzahl Teilnehmende4 - 7
ECTS3 Credits
ZielgruppenL2 VSC
Lernziele / KompetenzenInterpreting and formulating a written character with contemporary thoughts, present contextuality and in synchronicity with personal thoughts & problematics.
InhalteDas Modul wird in Englisch durchgeführt.

Finding and developing the ability to translate through a written character a contemporary and personal thought is the aim.
The modul will focus on one main theme formulated in a play (classical). With the students we will find the corelation theme-character and work on character building based on this relation. The modul incorporates: play interpretation, character interpretation, character-diary writing, improvisation exercises, creation of gesture and movement partiture of the performing group, sharing and comments in group sessions on the work developed together, etc. It is important that the students develop their own interpretation, rather than having to follow a premeditated directorial concept.
At the end of the modul there will be a presentation/performance.
Leistungsnachweis / Testatanforderunggem. Angaben der/des Modulverantwortlichen
TermineRaum: 1 grosser Proberaum
DauerAnzahl Wochen: 6 (FS: Wo:08-13) / Modus: 4x3h/Wo + 1x3h/Wo Selbststudium gem. Stundenplan_Mo/Di/Mi/Do/Fr, jeweils 10.30-13.30h
Selbststudiumszeit pro Semester: ca. 18h
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden
BemerkungPatkó Éva is a theatre director and assistant professor at the University of Arts Târgu-Mures. For six years now she has lead the Monthly Drama (HD) project, presenting fresh and new plays to a young and dynamic public, and also translates contemporary plays from different languages into Hungarian. She directs both classical and contemporary plays and constantly works with students in different theater projects. She recently came back from a Fulbright Senior Award from the University of California, Berkeley.
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