Object Manipulation - ENTDECKEN/ERWEITERN_(SC) 

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Nummer und TypBTH-VSC-L-6244.23F.001 / Moduldurchführung
ModulThemenfeld: Raum für Körper_L3 (6Wo) - ERWEITERN/PROBIEREN_(SC) 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungAmir Modai (AM)
Anzahl Teilnehmende4 - 12
ECTS3 Credits
ZielgruppenL2 VSC (Platzkontingent/CR: 7 Pers.)

Wahlmöglichkeit (CR auf max. 12 Pers.):
L2 VTP / L2 VRE / L2 VDR
L3 VTP / L3 VRE / L3 VDR
Lernziele / KompetenzenThis module’s aim is access to the art of object manipulation. What can the simplest impulse (such as passing an object to a play partner) withhold in it? We will approach this through research into “traditional” juggling objects (Balls, Rings, Clubs etc.), and through improvisation discover the implications this work has on handling everyday objects. How does my chair become a Throne, an Oven, a spaceship or a flower to give to my true love? Objects on stage have a presence and signification and may also have a life of their own, effecting and intensifying the actor’s work. We will learn the technique of object manipulation and will find ways to relate to all things surrounding us, specifically everyday objects and props present on stage. By learning how to understand and shape the relationship between person and object we also open the gate to a deeper understanding of the scenic space.
InhalteIn two principal phases we will deepen our relationship with inanimate objects to the point they may develop a life of their own, moving us through space and inspiring new movement possibilities. In the first phase we will focus mainly on the technique of Object Manipulation (Juggling). In the second phase, through technique based improvisation, we will look into the impulses created by the relationship between player and object and between different players through the object. A special focus will be given to the relationship created between people relating to the same object in different manners. The passing of an object between two players is one of the purest forms of impulse which can then be taken from the abstraction of itself and put into context. We will also look briefly into the history of juggling and it's connection to dance, music and theatre.
Leistungsnachweis / Testatanforderunggem. Angaben der/des Modulverantwortlichen
TermineRaum: 1 grosser Proberaum oder Tanzstudio
DauerAnzahl Wochen: 6 (FS: Wo:14-19) / Modus: 4x3h/Wo + 1x3h/Wo Selbststudium gem. Stundenplan_Mo/Di/Mi/Do/Fr, jeweils 10.30-13.30h
Selbststudiumszeit pro Semester: ca. 18h
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