Pool 8: Art & Action (gLV) 

Painting and Poetry in Art in Action

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Nummer und TypMFA-MFA-Po00.22H.008 / Moduldurchführung
VeranstalterDepartement Fine Arts
LeitungDominique Lämmli
Anzahl Teilnehmendemaximal 17
ECTS3 Credits
VoraussetzungenCourse language: English
ZielgruppenMA Fine Arts students (painters and non-painters)
Open for exchange students
Open for students from other departments

Interested students of other study programmes can register from 01 to 18 September 2022 by email to: studium.dfa@zhdk.ch. You will be informed until the end of calendar week 39 about a possible participation.
Applications before 01 September 2022 will not be accepted.
Lernziele / KompetenzenThe participants will be able to:
  • Identify helpful orientation points for positioning a drawing or painting.
  • Analyse a work in regard to approach, themes, methods and aims.
  • Know selected works from across the field of drawing and painting.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary discourse on painting.
InhalteHow do painters and draughtspeople relate and position their work in relation to the current discourses? How to interrelate one‘s themes with contemporary art discourse? Answering these questions requires that a work be conveyed in relation to the big picture. Today, “social thinking,” interrelated engagement, meaning-making, and real-world contributions have become valued essentials to art practice. In addition, a glocal perspective has prevailed: painting and drawing are a broad field, informed by diverse art histories, ranging from oil on canvas to performative, temporal, digital, and AI-driven work. Their themes might address anything (un)thinkable. Their production processes include poetic, informative and applied approaches. Their objectives range from posing questions to sharing experiences and world views, raising awareness and bonding between people.

In this seminar, we will discuss selected works to establish orientation points that are helpful for painters and draughtspeople to position their work. Objects of discussion include works by Songwen Chung, Uzo Egoun, Faith 47, Philip Guston, Nicholas Hlobo, Frida Kahlo, Gulsun Karamustafa, Lee Krasner, Kerry James Marshall, Obvious, Angel Otero, Wong Ping, Pamela Rosenkranz, Yinka Shonibare, Nancy Spero, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Loranita Theo, Theo Triantafyllidis, Karen Walker, Made Wianta, Fred Wilson, Portia Zvavahera. Texts on art and painting will provide a framework; these include “Contemporary Painting in Context” (Ring Petersen et al. 2010), “The Coming of A Third Culture” (Miller 2014), “Contemporary Art” (Suryawanshi 2019), and “From Pigments to Pixels” (2022).

About the lecturer:

Prof. Dominique Lämmli is an artist and philosophers. She works studio-based, collaborative, and situation specific. She co-runs the independent research FOA-FLUX and runs mAiA GmbH. Her research and writings focuse on socially engaged art, art research, and art in global contexts.

Bibliographie / LiteraturWill be handed out during the course.
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungMandatory attendance (minimum 80%); active participation
TermineTime: 10:00 - 18:00 o'clock

CW 49: 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 December
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