Clowns - PROBIEREN_(SC) 

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Nummer und TypBTH-BTH-L-0021.22H.002 / Moduldurchführung
ModulModulvorlage VSC/VTP/VRE/VDR_2 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungAmir Modaï (AM)
Anzahl Teilnehmende3 - 13
ECTS2 Credits
ZielgruppenL2 VSC (PK8 im CR):

Wahlmöglichkeit (CR3/kein PK gesetzt):
L3.3 / L3.4 VSC (AVO's) / L3 VTP
Lernziele / KompetenzenStudents will learn the fundamental skills that bring a clown to life on stage: breath, contact with the audience and articulation in the body. We will dive into the process first defined by Jacques Lecoq of discovering what is funny about each person. We will do a careful observation of each students way of moving, and use this as a map to lead us to the particular form of their clown. Students will discover the voice, costume and status of their clown and do a series of improvisations designed to expand the depth and range of their play

By learning how to embody and play out the impulses that are encoded in individual movement patterns, we embrace the specific way that each of us is hilariously funny. We tap into a rich source of creative energy and a moving force for the actor and the scene. The clarity of presence required for this style gives the actor powerful tools for genuinely feeling what moves them and using this to move their audience.
InhalteIn this module we will explore the rich, hilarious world of theatrical clowning. In this vibrant style, the simple presence of the actor, revealing themselves generously to the audience, is the source comedy that can be touching, poetic and ridiculous all at the same time. We will work precisely and playfully to reveal the specific way that each person is funny. Students will discover their clown, a comic character based on their unique way of moving, with its own rhythm, voice and way of relating to the world.

We will explore audience interaction, the presentation of skills, song, dance and the ecstatic ""state"" of play that makes the simplest actions impossibly funny. In the second part of the module we will explore life themes from the perspective of the clown.

We will deepen the research by improvising in the clown state, on life themes such as birth, death, work, love and illness. We will explore the relationship between the clowns and the classic archetypes from the dramatic literature.
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TermineRaum: 1 grosser Probenraum (nicht Tanzstudio)
DauerAnzahl Wochen: 2 (HS: Wo:50/51) / Modus: total 9x3h/Wo Kontaktunterricht + 1x3h/Wo Selbststudium gem. Stundenplan_Mo/Di/Mi/Do/Fr, 10.30-13.30h + 16.30-19.30h
Selbststudiumszeit pro Semester: ca. 6h
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