Pool 12: Berlin Biennale (Excursion) 

Nummer und TypMFA-MFA-Po00.22F.012 / Moduldurchführung
VeranstalterDepartement Fine Arts
LeitungSwetlana Heger-Davis, Judith Welter
Anzahl Teilnehmendemaximal 12
ECTS3 Credits
VoraussetzungenCourse language: English
LehrformExcursion to Berlin (Germany)
Zielgruppen* MA Fine Arts students only
* Not for 2022 graduating students
* Not open for exchange students
Lernziele / Kompetenzen
  • Have a dialogue over the positions and themes resp. perspectives on postcolonialism represented at the Berlin Biennale
  • reflect site-specifity, concept and agency of a large-scale exhibition as the Berlin Biennale
InhalteRealisation subject to reservation due to COVID19

With this excursion we will visit the 12th Berlin Biennale, an exhibition format that takes place every second year, spread over various locations in the City of Berlin. The next edition is curated by French artist Kader Attia. In his work, he deals with questions of decolonization and engages, in particular with the notion of repair – of objects and physical injuries, as well, individual and societal traumas. The destroyed objects and their repair, with its visible scars, serves as a metaphor representing a world for the last 500 years, shaped heavenly by colonialism and its consequences. Kader Attias practice repair serves as a form of agency, as cultural resistance. This agency is also the starting point of the program and set of questions he is currently developing for the Berlin Biennale.

We will have a close look at this large-scale exhibition and discuss about the curatorial perspective and how the exhibited artists at the Biennale discuss and approach these complex questions of decolonization, and for example, anti-colonial cultures of memory. Furthermore, we will discuss the potential of this specific Biennale-format: why large-scale exhibitions? How is this the Berlin Biennale and its history related to the specific development of the city? What notions of the present time are represented and questioned?

More information on the program will follow after the release of the program.

To take part in this excursion you need to apply with a short letter of motivation (max. 1 A4 page). The deadline is Monday, 10 January. Applicants will be informed if they are selected for the excursion until 20 January.

Please send your application to swetlana.heger-davis@zhdk.ch and judith.welter@zhdk.ch

About the lecturers:

Swetlana Heger is a conceptual artist, based between Zurich and Berlin. She has exhibited in numerous international museums, galleries and institutions such as Le Consortium/Dijon, Wiener Secession, Berlin Biennale, Centre Georges Pompidou/Paris, Artists Space/New York, Centre National de la Photographie/Paris, Moderna Museet/Stockholm, Hamburger Bahnhof/Berlin, manifesta11, Zurich etc.

Judith Welter (*1980) is a curator. She studied art history, Spanish literature and Religious Studies at the University of Bern. In 2014, she completed her PhD on the role of rumors and anecdotes in contemporary. From 2015 to 2021 she has been director of the Kunsthaus Glarus. From 2004 to 2015 she worked for the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zurich where from 2012 on she was the Collection Curator. Since 2016 she has been teaching at different universities. From 2016-2021 she was the jury president for the Kiefer Hablitzel I Göhner Kunstpreis. Since 2015 she is co-editor of the online magazine for art criticism Brand-New-Life.

Recent curated solo exhibitions include Puppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo) (2021), Caroline Bachmann, Jan Vorisek (2020) Sam Pulitzer (2019), Bonnie Camplin (2018), Marta Riniker-Radich (2018), Birgit Megerle (2017) and Shana Moulton (2016). Curated group exhibitions include "Tourism" (2021, in collaboration with Stadgalerie Bern, Luca Beeler and Richard Sides), "Im Volksgarten" (2021), "Sie sagen, wo Rauch ist ist auch Feuer" (2017, in collaboration with Kunsthalle Bern), "Unruly Relations", 2016, "Toys Redux", (2015)
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungMandatory attendance (minimum 80%); active participation
CW 26: 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 June, 01 July
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BemerkungInformation on the organisation of excursions will be announced by the lecturers at the beginning of the semester. Please note: For study trips abroad, generally only the overnight stay will be organized and financed by the degree programme. If the overnight costs are much higher than the travel costs, students must contribute to the costs for the overnight stay.
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