Context: Art & Exhibiting / The Artist as Curator 

Nummer und TypBFA-BFA-Ko.21H.009 / Moduldurchführung
VeranstalterDepartement Fine Arts
LeitungRaphael Gygax, Swetlana Heger
Anzahl Teilnehmendemaximal 15
ECTS3 Credits
VoraussetzungenCourse language: English
ZielgruppenBA Fine Arts students
Open for exchange-students
Lernziele / Kompetenzen• Overview / introduction to the history of exhibitions curated by artists
• Concept development of an exhibition / project
• Interview preparation / execution
InhalteThe module sets out to examine a profoundly influential, yet still not adequately examined phenomenon: the fundamental role artists have played as curators. We will look at seminal examples of such exhibitions from the 20th and 21st century with a focus on contemporary examples. Artist-curated exhibitions disrupted museological conventions and helped to bring (perceivedly) aging collections of historical institutions up-to-date. Others tackled pressing social and political issues, reimagining the practice of “institutional critique”, or indulged in solipsistic investigations of the artist’s psyche, reinforcing the traditional, romantic conception of the artist as a singular creative genius. The growth of such exhibitions has transformed the fields of curating and exhibition design, redefining the parameters of exhibition-making and blurring the once distinct lines between installation art and exhibitions, as well as artists and curators. The module will combine an overview of this rich exhibition history and with insights into the practical aspects to exhibition making. In addition, we will interview different artists who have become known in this field and we will look at artist-curated exhibitions in Switzerland.

Dr. Raphael Gygax (*1980) is an art historian, curator and writer and lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. From 2003–19 he was Curator at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Zurich. From 2013–15 he was the curatorial advisor for Frieze Art Fair London and New York and from 2016–17 the Curator for Frieze Projects in London. Previously curated solo exhibitions include a.o. Lily van der Stokker (2019), Maria Eichhorn (2018), Charles Atlas (2018), Ian Cheng (2016), Wu Tsang (2014), Teresa Margolles (2014), Christoph Schlingensief (2007). Since 2019 he is Head of the Bachelor Fine Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts.

Prof. Swetlana Heger (*1968) is an internationally renowned artist and the director of the Department Fine Arts of the Zurich University of the Arts. She exhibited among many others in the Musée des Beaux Arts, Nancy, Le Consortium, Dijon, Wiener Secession, Melbourne Biennale, Berlin Biennale, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Arts Space, New York, Centre National de la Photographie, Paris, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, manifesta11, Zürich, Antarctic Pavillon, 57. Venice Biennial.
Bibliographie / LiteraturWill be handed out during the course
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungMandatory attendance (minimum 80%); active participation
TermineTime: 09:15 - 17:00 o'clock

CW 44: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 November
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