Shared Campus Summer Schools 2021
Nummer und TypZMO-ZMO-L014.3.21H.001 / Moduldurchführung
LeitungDr Annemarie BUCHER Art and Landscape Historian, Curator, Lecturer BA Fine Arts , Rada LEU Artist, Musician and Teaching Assistant
ZeitMo 9. August 2021 bis Fr 27. August 2021
3 Wochen
Anzahl Teilnehmende8 - 30
ECTS6 Credits
VoraussetzungenProficient in English
ZielgruppenLevel: BA, MA, MPhil, PhD
Disciplines: all arts and design disciplines
Since the pandemic, our private spaces have taken on radically different meanings, merging office spaces into our homes. Simultaneously, our notion of the public sphere has changed dramatically: we are conscious of (social) distance, of places that have become inaccessible, and of locations that we now frequent under different conditions.

Public space has always been contested, a sphere where power relations are manifested, protests held, cultures embodied, and rules enforced. The experience of being in a public sphere varies dramatically – not just between locations, but also between different identities.
Streets will explore how decolonization affects public spheres and how social movements are played out locally. In collaboration with artists, activists and researchers from indigenous populations, students from Europe and Asia will challenge assumptions about ownership, identity and belonging through physical interaction in public space and through activities connecting them with local environments.

Week 1 will be dedicated to a series of off-screen studio exercises and to gathering diverse field recordings (sonic, textual, visual). In weeks 2 and 3, participants will work in groups and with mentors to create physical exhibitions in every location, which will be connected in a single virtual exhibition. We have established contact with the Kyoto-based conference “ICAS – Crafting The Future,” which will enable students to present their work to an international audience.
Leistungsnachweis / Testatanforderung80 % Anwesenheit
Termine9 – 27 August 2021
Dauer3 Weeks
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