Arts & Crafts Matters in a Digital Society! 

Im Rahmen der „Shared Campus Summer Schools 2021“
Nummer und TypZMO-ZMO-L012.3.21H.001 / Moduldurchführung
ModulArts & Crafts Matters in a Digital Society! 
LeitungDaniel Späti
ZeitMo 21. Juni 2021 bis Fr 9. Juli 2021
3 Wochen
Anzahl Teilnehmende8 - 30
ECTS6 Credits
VoraussetzungenProficient in English
ZielgruppenLevel: BA, MA, MPhil, PhD
Disciplines: all arts and design disciplines
Lernziele / KompetenzenDescription
Arts & crafts is part of local aesthetics, and of culture around materials and production methods. It represents a canon of values and identity, and is connected with notions of “origin,” “skills” and “uniqueness.”

Arts & crafts involves an economic system of design, production and trade. Around this, social and political systems are being transformed by digitalisation and globalisation. Booming digital technologies are disrupting design and production, as well as heavily impacting the affected societies.

How can material-based techniques and styles be renewed and digitally translated? How to establish the notion of a global digital crafts movement? Answering these questions involves creatively and individually mixing analog materials with digital methods, shared knowledge and creativity, from which new crafts communities will emerge.

Participants will be able to develop their own modes of expression, thus enabling new aesthetic qualities to emerge between craft and digitality. The results will be produced at the School of Creative Media (SCM) and exhibited in an “online gallery.” Theoretical reflections on social design will part of a forthcoming summer school publication.

International arts & crafts experts will provide insights from their daily practice while experts in social development and economics will highlight the relation between creation, production and society.
Leistungsnachweis / Testatanforderung80 % Anwesenheit
Termine21 June – 9 July 2021
Dauer3 Weeks
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden