HYB Practice 3: A World of Many Worlds – Approaching the Planetary (Teil ll) 

Nummer und TypMFA-MFA-Pr00.21F.003 / Moduldurchführung
VeranstalterDepartement Fine Arts
LeitungYvonne Wilhelm, Christian Hübler, Pascal Sidler
Anzahl Teilnehmendemaximal 8
ECTS21 Credits
VoraussetzungenCourse language: English
LehrformSeminar, individual and group tutorials, guest lectures, excursions (if possible)
ZielgruppenMA Fine Arts students (recommended for the participants in the fall semester and for new students)

Open for exchange students
Lernziele / KompetenzenThis seminar will explore artistic techniques and formats of research in translocal and postcolonial contexts. It examines and discusses actively with students contemporary artistic projects who engage in, encounter and exhibit in contexts of a planetary scale - mutual dependencies between multiple multi-ethnic, bio-cultural, geopolitical and techno-ecological processes.

Through the study of specific methods (e.g. critical fabulating, speculative worldings) with a focus on mediality and digitality, students will be able to assess these positions and formats and relate them to their own artistic work.
InhalteThis seminar explores the aesthetic, emotional, and ethical transformations in an era of desires and urgencies for planetary response-abilities. It looks for artistic practices dealing with complex entities and processes on multiple scales —from nano particles to forests to hyper objects and its computations—as well as affects and doings out of anguish and devastation.

Heterogeneous worldings coming together as an ecology of divergent practices, negotiating their difficult being together: How to become situated in a moment when the nonliving erupts into our spaces, transforming itself from a background to something that makes demands on us? How to live with biological agents, animists, viruses and deserts? How to be attentive to practices that make worlds even if they do not satisfy our demand (of modern epistemology) to prove their reality? It becomes a matter of how to create modes of listening and encounter, a thinking in and aside the presence of states of affairs rather than about them, resisting the violence of subsumption and appropriation.

About the lecturers:

knowbotiq (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Huebler) has been experimenting with  forms and medialities of knowledge, political representations and epistemic disobedience. In recent projects they are investigating and enacting inhuman geographies with the focus on algorithmic governmentalities, libidinous and affective economies and postcolonial violence. Projects: Thulhu Thu Thu, before the sun harms you, knowbotiq.net/thulhu/. Genesis Machines: knowbotiq.net/genesis-machine and Swiss Psychotropic
Gold: knowbotiq.net/psychogold/ 

Pascal Sidler is a painter, currently working as a teaching assistant at the MA Fine Arts. His paintings are often based on photographs from everyday life. His work has been shown in various exhibitions, including “European Southern Observatory”, Hamlet in Zürich (2019). In 2019 he was the recipient of the Grant of the City of Zurich and in 2013 of the Grant of the Canton of Zurich.
Bibliographie / LiteraturThe seminar will put the master student practices in relation with contemporary art practices and discourses interrogating the Planetary (Black Quantum Futurism, Carolina Caycedo, Karrabing Film Collective, Pedro Neves Marques, Astrida Neimanis, Timothy Morton, Ana Tsing, Bruno Latour, Ann Sophie Springer, Edoardo Viveros de Castro, N.K. Jesimin, Eugene Thacker).
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungMandatory attendance (minimum 80%); active participation; semester report
TermineTime: 10:00 - 18:00 o'clock

CW 09: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 March
CW 15: 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 April

CW 15: 15 / 16 April
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