Seminar 3: The Nomadic Ears (gLV) 

Sound Studies, Auditory Cultures & Transdisciplinary Sonic Methodologies

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Nummer und TypMTR-MTR-1002.21F.003 / Moduldurchführung
VeranstalterDepartement Kulturanalysen und Vermittlung
LeitungAntoine Chessex
ZeitFr 26. Februar 2021 bis Fr 9. April 2021 / 13:30–16:45 Uhr
OrtAtelier Transdisziplinarität ZT 7.F03
Anzahl Teilnehmendemaximal 25
ECTS2 Credits
VoraussetzungenStudium MA Transdisziplinarität

Für Studierende anderer Studiengänge der ZHdK, im Rahmen der Geöffneten Lehrveranstaltungen: Einschreibung über ClickEnroll
LehrformSeminar with close-readings, close-listenings, presentations, and discussions
ZielgruppenWahlpflicht für Studierende MA Transdisziplinarität.
Geöffnete Lehrveranstaltung für alle Master-Studierenden der ZHdK.
InhalteThe seminar proposes to engage with sound and listening as transversal practices being heterogeneous, uncertain, wandering and permanently transforming. By investigating different sonic methodologies to think sound and listening from the intertwined fields of sound studies, sounding arts and auditory cultures, the aim of the seminar is to investigate two specific strands: Firstly, the course will focus on trying to reflect the emergence of an essentialist und universalizing modernist listening subject that possibly resulted in producing listening regimes and auditory mythologies establishing normative canons throughout past and present histories. Secondly, and as an attempt to propose alternative sonic narratives, the seminar will engage with attentive listening as a manifold practice to investigate the affective qualities that the encounter with sound might produce. By exploring different concepts around the Nomadic Ears, the participants will attempt to develop transdisciplinary auditory approaches as many experiments to listen otherwise. A particular emphasis of the course will focus the relations between sound and listening to historical, technological, ecological and socio-political contexts.

The course will be structured in a double articulation: By engaging in close-reading of current literature by sound scholars and artists, the participants will investigate different actual discourses and positions within the sound studies field. Among other papers, a specific object of examination will be the recently published “Bloomsbury Handbook of Sonic Methodologies” reflecting multiple perspectives on sound and listening from a broad range of disciplines.

In yet another articulation of the course, and echoing discussions around sonic theoretical concepts, the participants will practice active listening to different adventurous artworks like sound art, field recordings and experimental music. A selection of guests from both scientific and artistic international communities will round-up the possibility to approach the seminar as a collective platform for exchanges and discussions about current adventurous sonic research and practices.

Throughout the whole seminar, the participants will conceptualize sound as an embodied affective presence that permits the emergence of (un)heard human and non-human voices. Like an infinite and permanently modulating reverberation, the nomadic ears echo the noises and silences of past, present and future sonic histories. 
Bibliographie / LiteraturWill be given during the first session of the seminar
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungActive participation, 80% presence
TermineFriday afternoon 26.02 / 05.03 / 12.03 / 19.03 / 26.03 / 09.04 from 13:30 to 16:45
Dauer6 Halbtage im 1. Quartal
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden
BemerkungThe course will be held in English.
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