HYB / Workshop 2.1: Lecture-performance 

Praxisfeld SC: Workshop 2.1 (Kursraum 2)
Praxisfeld DR, RE, BN, TP: Wahlmodul

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Nummer und TypMTH-MTH-PM-02.20H.012 / Moduldurchführung
ModulPraxisfeld 02 ECTS 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungÉva Patkó
Anzahl Teilnehmende4 - 10
ECTS2 Credits
VoraussetzungenZulassung MA Theater
ZielgruppenMA SC, geöffnet für alle MTH
Lernziele / KompetenzenIntroducing and experiencing the lecture-performance form as way of acting.
The proposed text for this objective is: Karpatenflecken by Thomas Perle. (other text can be proposed as well if needed).
InhalteThe two week module proposes to find in groupwork a lecture-performance form for a proposed text, using only the voice and the body of the actor. When there is little movement and action involved, the relation between text and actor is intensified, the accents of presence (on stage) shift towards the interiorization. Through the developing of the lecture performance we will explore ways of expression through rhythm, song, poetry, dialogue, monologue, chorus speech, dialect, foreign languages, silence etc.
At the end of the module the students will have an open lecture-performance of the material we worked on.
Bibliographie / LiteraturKarpatenflecken von Thomas Perle (S. Fischer Verlag 2019)
TermineKW45 / 46
DauerMo-Fr 14:30h - 18:30h (ausser dienstags)
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden
BemerkungPatkó Éva is a theatre director and assistant professor at the University of Arts Târgu-Mures. For six years now she has lead the Monthly Drama (HD) project, presenting fresh and new plays to a young and dynamic public, and also translates contemporary plays from different languages into Hungarian. She directs both classical and contemporary plays and constantly works with students in different theater projects. She recently came back from a Fulbright Senior Award from the University of California, Berkeley.
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