CNX / Radical_Connector - Nonlinear dance practice für all bodies - TRAINING // COVID-19: spez. Schutzkonzept 

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Nummer und TypFTH-BTH-BTH-L-636.20H.023_(MTH/BTH) / Moduldurchführung
ModulModulvorlage TRAINING 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungMarisa Godoy (MGo)
Anzahl Teilnehmende5 - 15
ECTS1 Credit
ZielgruppenL2 VSC / L2 VTP / L2 VRE / L2 VDR
L3 VSC / L3 VTP / L3 VRE / L3 VDR


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Lernziele / KompetenzenThis practice aims to develop particular modes of being, thinking and moving – such as enhanced perception of self, other and environment whilst engaging in action – that are essential and indispensable to performative practice. Amongst the competencies it aims to facilitate are a wider range of creativity through engagement with generative modes of working; refined decision-making capacities appropriate to the task at hand; a finer sense of relationalitiy; improved responsiveness in improvisatory tasks. Within this framework, various aspects of movement training such as motor control, proprioception and stamina are practiced on an open-end basis. No previous knowledge of dance techniques required.
InhalteRADICAL_CONNECTOR is a nonlinear approach to movement in that it explores an infinite number of temporary solutions to given movement proposals. Grounded on the notion of the indivisibility of the human organism and its submersion in the environment it is part of, the practice is based on the simple act of noticing networks of connections within self, and between self, other and surrounding, whilst acting/moving. It stems from dance practice coupled with an emerging theoretical underpinning that draws on embodiment, somatic principles and meditation practice. The interconnections, and consequent communication processes within the body, and of the body with its environment take place by means of uninterrupted exchange through biological as well as sensorimotor perceptions. As we engage with the proposals, we learn by dealing with movements as they arise, and through discovering what it is that is important, challenging, efficient, dangerous, pleasant or relevant at a given moment – attending to the multidimensional web of internal and external cues that we continuously refer to in order to navigate the world.
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TermineRaum: 1 grosser Proberaum (bevorzugt Tanzstudio oder Bühne B)
DauerAnzahl Wochen: 6 (HS: Wo:44-49) / Modus: 2x1,5h/Wo_Mo/Mi, jeweils 8.30-10.00h
Selbststudiumszeit pro Semester: ca.
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BemerkungThe course will be conducted in English and German
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