CNX / ATD / Practical and theoretical introduction to the Master Studies at the ATD 

Campus Wahlmodul / Master Class / Kursangebot der Partnerschule (ATD)

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Nummer und TypMTH-MTH-WPM-08.20H.001 / Moduldurchführung
ModulMaster-Campus-Theater-CH 08 ECTS 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungPavel Stourac, Direktor des Continuo Theaters (Tschechien), Corinna Vitale, Choreographin und Bewegungs-trainerin, Prof. Dr. Richard Weihe
OrtATD, Verscio
Anzahl Teilnehmende5 - 10
ECTS8 Credits
VoraussetzungenFortgeschrittene körperliche Fähigkeiten
ZielgruppenThe course is intended mainly for physical theatre students, but students of other theatre departments are welcome.
Lernziele / Kompetenzen
  • To help students become acquainted with the aims, principles and processes of the MA studies in Physical Theatre
  • To engage in regular physical training and to enlarge the students’ vocabulary of movement
  • To strive for a clear connection between movement, expression and/or intention
  • To define a common and basic vocabulary and understanding of the terms used in the theory and dramaturgy lessons
InhaltePhysical work (training, improvisation, composition). The individual as well as the collective creative work will be based on technique and expression through movement.
A terminology seminar, as well as theory and dramaturgy lessons.
Visits to plays are planned in order to train the students’ skills of analytical and critical observation.
Bibliographie / LiteraturEin Reader wird von der ATD zur Verfügung gestellt.
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