DIG Managing Finances for Performing Arts Projects 2 (gLV) 

Managing Finances for Performing Arts Projects 2 (gLV)

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Nummer und TypMDA-MDA-1200.20H.004 / Moduldurchführung
ModulTheoriemodul - 2 Credits 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungBostjan Ivanjsic
ZeitDi 20. Oktober 2020 bis Di 19. Januar 2021 / 14–18 Uhr
Anzahl Teilnehmende2 - 14
ECTS2 Credits
LehrformTheory module (Entrepreneurship, elective theory)
ZielgruppenMaster Dance, Mandatory MA2
InhalteFocal point in this lecture will be on managing your finances like budgeting dance projects, performing arts projects for non-profit organization, how to do settlement and other regulatory requirements like Fees & Rates/wages Standards.
We will also look at the detailed Touring Manual: a guide to touring and producing projects in performing arts. Do you have the knowledge to mount and produce a performance? This means the ability to produce budgets, manage cash flows, seek sponsorship and grants, prepare, negotiate and implement contracts, negotiate royalties, rights and acknowledgments, mediate disputes, etc. If the answer to this question is no, you need to join this lecture.
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungAttendance, active participation.
Termine20.10, 03.11, 17.11, 08.12.2020 and 19.01.2021
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