HYB Reboot Design Technology 

Kategorie: Technologien
Keywords: Technik, Kulturtechnik, Kulturtheorie, Designgeschichte, Politics, Education, Social impact
Nummer und TypBDE-BDE-T-WP-BW-5017.20H.001 / Moduldurchführung
ModulWahlpflichtmodul Theorie 5. Semester 
VeranstalterDepartement Design
LeitungDr. Joëlle Bitton
ZeitMo 31. August 2020 bis Fr 4. September 2020 / 8:30–17 Uhr
Anzahl Teilnehmende8 - 20
ECTS2 Credits
VoraussetzungenFor DDE Bachelor students: None
ZielgruppenCompulsory elective subject (Wahlpflichtfach) for students of the Department Design, 5th semester
Lernziele / KompetenzenThe aim of the seminar is to reflect on the roles we attribute to design and technology currently, how it was set in pop culture narratives and how we could ‘reboot’ the disciplines in education to include urgent societal questions. The seminar is structured as a dialogue and the students will work on certain questions themselves. In the end, a one-page website should be created to showcase a proposal. The collection of pages will constitute together an online exhibition.
InhalteDesign and Technology share a similar destiny: imbued with the roles of solving problems, characterised by an expectation that they can change any situation for the better.
But what if this is an illusion?

With the society at large becoming more aware of issues related to top-down decisions and techno-centric solutions such as large-scale surveillance, ecological dooms and oppression of civic rights, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to rethink the place of design and technology.
What if we should reboot our mindset for design methods and technological tools to become truly inclusive?

In this course, we will look at a range of aspects:
  • the hopes and fears that technologies of the 19th century generated and that are still prevalent nowadays
  • the past ideas of futures and whether they happened or not
  • pop culture references that support those narratives
  • feminist & non-Western perspectives
  • ways to move forward in education of the design discipline
The class will be structured around discussions, lectures, presentations of film and literature materials and in-class exercises.

The final outcome would be a one-page website representing with text and images your ideas for forms of education. The collection of pages will thus constitute together an online exhibition.
Bibliographie / LiteraturA bibliography will be distributed at the beginning of the seminar.
Leistungsnachweis / TestatanforderungActive and regular attendance (min. 80%); participation to discussions; Compose and present an independent contribution to the topic.
TermineBlockwoche vom 31. August bis 4. September 2020

Montag - Donnerstag vor Ort, Freitag online via Zoom.
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden
BemerkungThe class will be taught in English.
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