Lukasz Polowczyk: The art of music PR and Visual Development (gLV) 

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Nummer und TypDMU-WKMP-4502.20F.001 / Moduldurchführung
ModulMusicbusiness advanced 
VeranstalterDepartement Musik
LeitungLukasz Polowczyk (extern)
Minuten pro Woche30
Anzahl Teilnehmendemaximal 9
ECTS0.5 Credits
VoraussetzungenInteressierte Studierende anderer Departemente melden sich zur Klärung der Voraussetzungen bis spätestens 1 Woche vor Semesterbeginn direkt bei der Kursleitung.
ZielgruppenNur für MA-Studierende aller Vertiefungen in den Schwerpunkten Pop und Jazz.
InhalteLanguage in class will be English.

Lukasz Polowczyk is a creative director and music publicist. For roughly a decade he’s been handling international promo and label positioning for for Bern-based indie darlings Mouthwatering Records. He developed his own brand of music promotion, one that harnesses visual and audio-visual ecosystems and builds on narratives that are truly rooted in the artist’s story or stories and modes of self-expression. “If don’t got soul, don’t touch it."

This is a practical, hands-on course about how cutting edge record labels promote records and their artists, using visual and audio visual content. We will start with an overview of what’s currently going on in the world of music PR, and how artists and labels create visual and audio-visual content to promote their music.
In the second half of the course each participant will be guided through the process of preparing a promo campaign from the point of view of content based marketing. This will entail: defining significant narratives around the artist and the specific release, translating these narratives / stories into a PR strategy and then, into visual and audio visual tools that will be used to execute the actual PR campaign. Participants are urged to work on their own projects / releases. For participants who are not yet working on a record, their own or somebody else’s, a stand-in project will be assigned.

NOTE: The course was created to cater to musicians, music industry professionals and designers alike. Max. 15 participants.
TermineFreitag, 10.00 bis 17.00h, inkl. 1h Mittagspause, Freitag 17. April 2020, Raum tba
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