Treteau - PROBIEREN_(SC) 

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Nummer und TypBTH-VSC-L-6244.19H.001 / Moduldurchführung
ModulThemenfeld: Raum für Körper_L3 (6Wo) - ERWEITERN/PROBIEREN_(SC) 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungPeter Sweet (PS) & Amir Modai (AM)
Anzahl Teilnehmende4 - 13
ECTS3 Credits
ZielgruppenL2 VSC (4/7)

Wahlmöglichkeit (CR6):
L2 VTP / L2 VRE / L2 VDR
Lernziele / KompetenzenTreteau work is a fun and effective way to acquire powerful theatrical tools for bringing life to the stage. Through the virtuosity of precise collective movement, shape-shifting and projection in space, actors learn to fly, time travel, and create whole universes with nothing more than their bodies. Once they are proficient in this skill-set they can use it on any size stage to tell any story. With these tools they can create the sets for a whole play, or bring an existing stage set to life with the clarity and nuance of their movement.
InhalteIn this fast paced, highly imaginative module we will explore the world of the Treteau a theater form in which actors work together as a chorus to create the landscapes and characters in their pieces. Whether they are in a Scottish castle, outer space or batman's cave, the chorus creates everything in the world through movement, sound and shape-shifting.
On a 1x2 meter raised stage, groups of 3-5 actors will create and perform short theater pieces based on movies, plays, historical events, or stories of their own making. They will learn to transpose space and time, asking (and answering!) the questions: how can we create a huge space in a tiny one? How can we give the audience the feeling of lifetimes passing in a handful of minutes? The Treteau is both a tool for learning these skills and a style of theater in its own right. The work can range from dramatic to comedic and often takes on a cinematic quality as the small frame of the stage allows you to "cut" instantly from one scene to the next. In a Treteau piece you can present the rise and fall of the dinosaurs, the lunar landing, or Macbeth, in 10 minutes on a stage the size of a door.
To become a tree, it is useful to first learn how to stop being yourself. To this end we will begin with work on the neutral body of each actor in the tradition of Jaques Lecoq. Students will learn how to "disappear" so that they can transform themselves into anything or anyone. We will continue with a careful observation and imitation of the world around us, learning to shape-shift into materials, elements, animals and a wide variety of characters. Students will learn vocal techniques for creating soundscapes and voices to add vibrance to the worlds and characters they develop.

With these tools in hand, we will jump up onto the Treteau and learn the techniques specific to that form: Space/Time jumps, miniaturization, split screens and shape-shifting as a chorus. Working with many actors in such a small space is highly technical and requires extremely good listening, as well as a collective sense of rhythm and drive. Students will have the opportunity to create several Treteau pieces in a wide range of styles (e.g. melodrama, film noir, fantasy, action movie, etc). The strongest pieces will be refined and presented in an evening show at the end of the term.
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TermineRaum: 1 grosser Proberaum oder Tanzstudio
DauerAnzahl Wochen: 6 (HS: Wo:44-49) / Modus: 4x3h/Wo + 1x3h/Wo Selbststudium gem. Stundenplan_Mo/Di/Mi/Do/Fr, jeweils 10.30-13.30h
Selbststudiumszeit pro Semester: ca. 18h
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