HETSR / "Staging an Audience – Immersive Concepts in Scenography" 

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Nummer und TypMTH-MTH-WPM-02.19H.016 / Moduldurchführung
ModulMaster-Campus-Theater-CH 02 ECTS 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungResponsable: Robert Cantarella
Enseignant: Dominic Huber
OrtSalle 120 > La Manufacture, Lausanne
Anzahl Teilnehmende5 - 10
ECTS2 Credits
ZielgruppenOuvert au campus
Lernziele / Kompetenzen
  • To gain knowledge of a wide range of staged spatial concepts between theatre, performance and visual arts, with a special focus on documentary works
  • To develop awareness of the interplay of body, space and time as well as of the comprehensive staging effects of stage design and scenography
  • To formulate in-depth ideas about the relationship between the audience present and the performance
  • To gain knowledge about the different possibilities of audience-positioning: passive, observational, interac-tive, participative and immersive
  • The students will develop their own attitude and argumentation as stage designers / scenographers in rela-tion to their role as co-authors and members of an artistic team in different project forms
InhalteThe boundaries between theatre, performance and visual arts have become more permeable and have partially dissolved completely. There are theatrical concepts without live actors, highly theatrical narrative installations – and art projects, in which only interacting performers can be experienced in an empty white cube. Together, these works show the very core of all theatrical experimental arrangements: the staging of a common moment through the interplay of space, time and the people present – where “people” always includes the audience.

On the basis of references, inputs and in discourse, we will examine this interdependence of people, space and time in search of the theatrical moment in installative, participatory and immersive theatre works. Based on the work with spatial structures, we will understand scenography in this sense as a comprehensive staging strategy that always has a structuring effect on time itself and needs to be aware of the audience present. Through a simple, practical exercise we will develop a way of dealing with different means and tools.
TermineDu 13 au 24 janvier 2020
Dauer9h-13h & 14h-18h
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