ATD / "Conclusion 1st Semester" 

Campus Wahlmodul / Physicality, Processing, Theory / Kursangebot der Partnerschule (ATD)

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Nummer und TypMTH-MTH-WPM-04.19H.004 / Moduldurchführung
ModulMaster-Campus-Theater-CH 04 ECTS 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungVerantwortlich: Corinna Vitale
Dozierende/r: Prof. Dr. Richard Weihe,
Pavel Stourac, Direktor des Continuo Theaters (Tschechien),
Beth Harris, Bewegungstrainerin
OrtATD, Verscio
Anzahl Teilnehmende5 - 10
ECTS4 Credits
VoraussetzungenTeilnahme am Kurs "L'écriture invisible - The invisible writing"
ZielgruppenThe course is intended mainly for physical theatre students as a roundup of the material processed during the first semester.
Lernziele / Kompetenzen
  • To apply the acquired skills and capabilities to one's own work
  • To develop working methods alone and within the group
  • To apply the basic vocabulary in discussions concerning theory and dramaturgy and to express ideas and thoughts clearly
InhalteRecapitulation of all the physical work developed during the first semester. How do we position ourselves in relation to what we have discovered and learned? How do we enter into a process of creation?
Bibliographie / LiteraturEin Reader wird von der ATD bereitgestellt
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden