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Nummer und TypMTH-MTH-VER-VLK-QUA.16F.005 / Moduldurchführung
ModulQualifikation / Leitende Künstler 
VeranstalterDepartement Darstellende Künste und Film
LeitungWorkshop- & Project Lead: Hayat-Hayriye Erdogan, Adrian Notz
Artist-lecturers: Stefan Burger, Kevin Rittberger, Grupo EmpreZa, The Yes Men
OrtZürich und London
Anzahl Teilnehmende6 - 10
ECTS0 Credits
VoraussetzungenFür Studierende aus anderen Studiengängen der ZHdK:
Anmeldung und Anfragen bezüglich Platzzahl an:
Caroline Scherr / caroline.scherr@zhdk.ch
Bitte unbedingt Vorname, Nachname, Semester und Hauptstudiengang angeben, danke.
ZielgruppenDR (Pflicht); RE, TP, BN, SC, BT, SP
Lernziele / Kompetenzentransdisciplinary and transcultural competences
getting to know avantgarde, radical design works
research based development of projects
development, coordination and composition of an event marathon
getting to know different artistic strategies and working methods
getting to know curatorial competences
InhalteOn the occasion of the festival "Zurich meets London" Zurich University of the Arts & Cabaret Voltaire develops INSTANT CITY RELOADED, an event marathon in and around the Serpentine Gallery. Therefore we will re-evaluate and re-activate the vision INSTANT CITY by the British collective ARCHIGRAM, who were working genuinely trans-disciplinary. The questions raised by the highly anticipating works of ARCHIGRAM still or even more urgently address present issues of glob/calization, hyper-culturality, mobility, migration, information technology shifts, progress, windowing etc. - all this with reference to art, design and architecture issues.
How does this relate to Zurich, the Zurich University of the Arts and the Cabaret Voltaire?

INSTANT CITY (IC) refers to an architectural vision, a concept by the British avant-garde collective ARCHIGRAM. IC was thought to be a device, an airship containing all cultural and educational resources of a mega-city, which could fly, travel to the remote areas and the cultural peripheries of a city and bring the rather marginalized inhabitants a taste of city life in a nutshell. The authors of ARCHIGRAM describe the project as a "speculative research project exploring possibilities of injecting metropolitan dynamic into other areas through temporary events, structures, mobile facilities and information technology" (Peter Cook et al., Archigram. New York 1972).
During 3 weeks workshop we will develop ideas on infiltrating cities with performative, artistic and discoursive interventions. The first step in the workshop is to first deal with the ideas of ARCHIGRAM and DADA in general and the idea of INSTANT CITY in particular. In a second step students guided by artist-lecturers will do research in the city of Zurich and find out what is worthy and attractive, interesting enough to be shipped to London. The workshop is scheduled for calendar weeks 16, 17 and 19, i.e. 18th - 29th April & 12th - 14th May. After the workshop and rehearsal period the group will travel to London. The stay in London will be in calender week 20, from 16th - 22nd May, 2016.

The workshops will be run in collaboration with Adrian Notz, Director of Cabaret Voltaire. Artist collectives, performers and activists will be invited to work with us on getting inspiration from "Instant City" and
1) Translating the visionary, futuristic ideas of "Instant City" into own presentation medium, using very own characteristic artistic strategies and approaches,
2) Reflecting and further developing the encapsulated ideas of ARCHIGRAM, "Instant City" with respect to Dada, the 21st century, on-going relevant discourses (t.b.d.) and the City of London.
3) Finding interesting contents in the City of Zurich to artistically transform them into transportable performances, lectures etc.
4) Travel to London, set-up of event space, little interventionist actions, main event marathon on 20th and 21st May, 2016.

The artists, who are invited are The Yes Men, Grupo EmpreZa, Kevin Rittberger, Stefan Burger

More Information on INSTANT CITY RELOADED will be available end of January 2016.
Termine(Grobe Richtwerte, konkrete Daten folgen anfangs FS2016)
09.05. - 15.05.2016
16.05. - 22.05.2016 (LONDON)
Dauernach Ansage
Bewertungsformbestanden / nicht bestanden
BemerkungWorkshop- & Project Lead

Hayat Erdogan, Lecturer in the Master of Arts in Theater Program, ZhdK.

Adrian Notz, Curator and Director of Cabaret Voltaire.


Stefan Burger, Zurich based Artist. stefanburger.ch/

Kevin Rittberger, Berlin based Director, Dramatist and Curator. www.kevinrittberger.de/

Grupo EmpreZa, Rio based Performance Collective. www.grupoempreza.com/

The Yes Men, NY bases creative activists. theyesmen.org/
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