E-Mail [english]

To ensure effective university-wide electronic communication, all ZHdK members are issued a personal email account. Accounts include an address book and calendar (Microsoft Exchange). As most official university information is sent via email, it is important that you know how to use your ZHdK email account correctly.


Data protection is ensured under ZHdK’s IT Policy. Your emails, address books, and calendar will never be passed onto any third person. Special measures are in place to ensure that your ZHdK email account is protected against any loss of data. Staff and students are therefore strongly recommended to administer their contacts and appointments through their ZHdK account.


  • We recommend that you access your ZHdK emails via Webmail (mail.zhdk.ch).
  • Under the applicable data protection standards of Canton Zurich, ZHdK emails cannot be forwarded to external email accounts.
  • Please use your email archive for long-term email storage (E-Mail-Archiv).