Sub Commune

Eine Vortragsreihe gemeinsam mit der Vertiefung Theorie des DKM

Sous les pavés, la plage "Underneath the paving stones there might be a beach, but what is under the commons"
In the past few years there has been a rising tide of conceptualizations of the common. In political theory, artistic practices and social movements people concerned with the totalizing aspects of communities and the outdated dichotomy of private and public proposed different notions of common/s, communes, commonisms. In this context the term "institution of the common" became equally interesting for art institutions trying to find ways of transforming themselves in the dissolving European welfare states, as well as for political institutions, e.g. in the new democracies of municipality in Spain, above all in Madrid and Barcelona. Going beyond the mere material commons like "the air, the water, the fruits of the soil, and all nature's bounty" as well as beyond immaterial commons like knowledge, languages, codes, information, and affects, struggles on and for the commons involve the production of new subjectivity. In this sense the commons rest upon the construction of the common as political strategy, as production of social cooperation, as new forms of social organisation.
The seminar and series of talks SUB COMMUNE will discuss these concepts, but also try to go further, and ask what is under and above, around and beyond, before and before the common.

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